Monday, June 29, 2009

On performance (IV).

With the participation in the Sunfeast 10K on 31st May, Two more factors were received which would be bearing on individual’s performance.

The winning volition:
On the track as the grand spectacle of the race afforded, it was flourishing to be enthralled by the unassailable performance of the cream of runners from Ethiopia and Kenya.
I was ogling at them….OH MY GOD !! This effortlessness must be an illusion …
Even the youngest stellar has essentially put in numberless years of preparation and had endured repeated failures. What drove these foreign elite performance was a fierce desire to compete – and win. Even so, most of those participating in the race this summer will walk away from the games without grabbing a single medal. Those with real spunk will get back into training again, that’s what truly separates elite performance from ordinary high achievers.
Check out in office too, It has been observed, those who work considering the appraisal and ratings are tend to do better then those who just work to take the salary home…
It takes supreme, almost unimaginable grit and courage to get back into the ring and fight to the better end. That’s what the Olympic athlete does. If you want to be an elite performer in business also, that’s what we need to do.

Rejoice the victory:
Guys !! They work hard and party harder … Indeed.
Though, I can’t compare myself with these record holder runners but I had bought iPod Neno to motivate myself for 10K…. After seeing these professional runners pampering their self, I stopped feeling bad for spending fortune on the music system. They put just the same efforts into their after hours as much as they into their victory on the fields. There is a well-known linksman who bought an expensive watch, a funky car, beautiful house, these were the milestones of his achievements and symbolized to him the hard work, allegiance, and dedication, For all the years he had in the game.
No wonder corporates keep the All-hands meets at five star hotels with state-of-the-art solemnization. It is not just emotional reveries, when required expression of joy involves a deep level of analysis and enhanced awareness too.

And …there ends my say on performance….

Close up:
"Old age is not so bad when you consider the alternatives".