Friday, September 25, 2009

I search Between…

Between a worry and a wonder,
In the opus of time, between each day and night.
That spactrum in the drop of dew,
Between the sun and the drop.
A little seed, has grown into tree with flowers.
Between the seed and the flower.
Dusted dreams,
Between the sapience and sin.
Still searching for you,
Between a decision and a mistake.

Close up:
"A witty saying proves nothing."
~ Voltaire (1694-1778)"

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Of Ghalib and Bakshi

A poet and an author, A piece in are some picks.
Hum ko malum hai jannat ki haqiqat lekin
Dil ko khush rakhne ko Ghalib, yeh khayal accha hai
“Though, I do know the realness of Paradise;However, for consoling my heart, the idea is good Ghalib !”

qaasid ke aate-aate KHat ik aur likh rakhooN

maiN jaanta hooN jo woh likhenge jawaab meiN
[qaasid = messenger (who brings a ‘khat’ = letter)]
“Oh my eagerness… Before the Postman arrives, I am ready with my letter. Well, I already know what would have been written in the response though.”

Aah ko chahiye ek umra asar hone tak, Kaun jeeta hai teri zulf ke sar hone tak?
“A sigh needs a lifetime until the coming-about of an effect, who [habitually] lives until the becoming- (subdued/tamed) of your curls? “

Aata hai dag-e-hasrat-dil ka shumar yaad
Mujse mere gunah ka hisab ee khuda na maang.
“Oh Lord! The number of wounds/scars of the longing/grief of the heart comes to my mind when you ask the account of my sin. (My unfulfilled yearnings left scars in my heart. I counted these scars as long as I lived. My life was measured in the reckoning of these scars of defeat. Now that you ask me for an account of my sins (my moments of pleasure), I am reminded of my life in your world...)”

Dil he toh hai na sang-o-Khisht, Dard say bhar na aye kyun?
Royengay hum hazar baar, koi humein sataye kyun?
Qaid-e-Hayat-o-Band-e-Ghum asl mein donon ek hain,
Maut say pehlay aadmi ghum say nijaat paye kyun?
“Just a Heart it is, not a brick or stone. Why shouldn't it feel the pain? Life and grief are one actually, If I am relived from pain, won't I just die off ? (The formulas of life and bonds of sorrow, In reality are the (same) one manifestation, Before realizing the ultimate truth How can then one attain liberation?)”
~ Ghalib Mirza Asadullah Khan

-Neither he comes on open land nor does he go into deep water. Turtle. Under 2 feet water or half dried mud, anything different and it goes in the shell, Life is truly Longer and safer if you know to how to live like a Turtle.
-You need tons of logic to justify your own point.
-If you work too hard for the fun Boy, you are ill.
-Body is a house of mirrors, And a dog trapped in, keeps barking at its own reflections.
-"Get me the Cactus, with flowers, doesn't die easily and can survive without water."
-Those who expect too less from the life don't get anything at all.
~Chandrakant Bakshi.

Close up:
"Love must surely reside in the gap between desire and fulfillment, in the lack, not the contentment. Love is the ache, the anticipation, the retreat, everything around it but the emotion itself."
~Kiran Desai

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shoe saga

I don’t know but I find my shoes create more fuss than me. And now I recollect all the flutters related to my sandals ......Back home in my sisters wedding, I was all dressed up, with shiny Cinderella shoes. I left home with my cousin on his bike. We were heading a function; I had rested my one foot on exhaust pipe…by the time we reached the marriage hall, only one foot had the shoe and another shoe was melted.
That was about couple of years ago, something nice was happening in my life. I used to go to temple those days. One pair of white sandals, which I loved, with turquoise stone over it…Was flicked from that temple. Finally, I had prayed, “God! Let the thief enjoys my favorite sandals.”
During my car smash when dealing with reckless auto driver-police, my stiletto broke off, to add the drama into action.
It was an important meeting at office. As I arrived early at 7AM, soon after I sat at my desk…’thak’…Another endearing pair of shoes betrayed me, I pleaded my male colleague to get me something to wear for the entire day. However, first, I asked all the girls to land me their footwear and they refused considering my shoe-size.
This guy brought me green color bathroom slippers with big flowers on it … Anyways, I was deeply grateful for that even.
Yesterday me and my Friend went shopping, I was still talking about this fine-looking expensive footgear, with delicate white strings….
So engrossed in the talk, unknowing, I kicked (not stepped) on the edge of the pothole …’Khatak… Aah’ There it goes one more pair… L whole of the evening I dragged myself with broken footwear. And I am looking forward to get my “fine-looking expensive footgear, with delicate white strings” repaired. :-)

Close up:
"You laugh at me because I am different, but I laugh at you because you are all the same."
~ Unknown