Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fun to Talk.

Alrighty…I had my Jaws/Mouth paining because of talking too much on the last day of my college. What a moment I thought I was having, All these mates I am not going to see them ever, I am not going to come to classrooms and stare at black boards or sign in lab register again, starting a completely new life since my birth in my awareness and at my will. I wanted to fill in that bit of life as much as I could. That is the same amount of talk I deliver when I meet my mother and sister upon ‘N’ number of subjects or talk three hours at a stretch when a friend calls up from abroad. There are not many people who gets me talking…or rather should I say can unlock the catastrophe of me speaking endlessly… :-D

Nowadays I could find one more friend with whom I enjoy talking …Typical me as a thought occurred “Why do we talk at all?” I don’t want to get into anatomy of vocal track or genes responsible for speech. Not just about making sounds like animals, we are only species who can convey complex meanings and thoughts. We talk matter when awake and blabber in sleep (or drunk). Talk to ourselves while lonely and talk to God regardless where we are. Most of the time we speak and sometimes we TALK…More when happy and less with sadness, loudly with joy and slowly in sorrow. We talk or to be precise the way we use language is to relate…A relation determines what we talk and talk defines us, Humans. Abhimanu was listening to his mother’s talks in her womb. How can a sign language be missed while talking about talks? :-)

Well, Zillions of reasons - To express, To keep something alive, To respond, To be sensitive, To encourage, To anger… etc etc etc.

Beyond our innate ability of speech and upbringing, there are more factors, which influence why we talk.

Personally, it is something, which defines me to others and defines others to me…

Hmmm...Keep talking :-)

Close up:

"Meditate. Live purely. Be quiet. Do your work with mastery. Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds!Shine."


Monday, May 16, 2011

I wonder why I wonder...

How the mind strays and heart hopes!
How a little event can drift two affectionate pals’ miles away or draw strangers close!
How those four cells (called heart later) start suddenly thudding in fetus on 22nd day of pregnancy!
How some bitchy, ugly, dullard man/woman are held dear by their partners till the end!
How some people speak something and mean something else, think something and do something else, plan something and dream something else – very jubilantly!
How easily some people let the rarely found precious friends go away!
How the so very aged body feels like playing again!
How wedlock with a baby in it breaks!
How little we know about everything no matter how much we read and learn!
How mind sees only what it knows!
How we get the ideas and thoughts!
How did I become me !
How, Despite I know it is a bad cruel world, I can’t accept it and keep on wondering!
How our strong deep beliefs are changed after certain experiences!
How few things which appears so simple are impossible to explain!
How I wonder why I wonder!

Close up:
"A dog looks at you and thinks " You feed me, care for me, give me shelter. you must be god" and a cat thinks "You feed me, care for me, give me shelter, I must be god."
~Somebody on net.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Reading of the week.

How long does it take to reach the state of perfection in meditation? Theoretically speaking, the time involved is not long and is measurable.
As explained earlier, the traditions of Yoga and Vedanta maintain that if the mind can be made to flow uninterruptedly toward the same object for twelve seconds, that will make one unit of concentration.
If the mind can continue in that concentration for twelve times twelve seconds (or two minutes and twenty-four seconds), that will be considered one unit of meditation.
If the mind can continue in that meditation for twelve times two minutes and twenty-four seconds (or twenty-eight minutes and forty-eight seconds), that will be the first stage of samadhi.
If this samadhi can be maintained for twelve times that period (five hours, forty-five minutes, and thirty-six seconds), it will lead to the highest absorption of nirvikalpa samadhi.
But in practical terms, the situation is different for each individual aspirant.

Close Up :
"Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies".
~Shaw Shank Redemption.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

11 silly things I hate about being single.

-When I climb on my kitchen platform to reach the attic, no one to hand over the stuff to me.

-I can never order large pizza for me alone.

-No one to clean the fan and spider nets.

-Can not apply nail paint on my right hand.

-Not enough load in washing machine, I have to mix light and dark to reach the level.

-All the mess is created by me and without yelling at somebody else, I have to clean up.

-Never tested silent or vibrate feature in phone, it never rings.

-Shopping food for one is absolute excruciation, and force myself to eat everything before it goes off.

-No one to be afraid of telling about it, When I damage the car.

-Only one credit card to use.

-To tell a small story I have to make a STD call to my family and cite the story without any visual effect just the audio part over phone.


Close up:
"How big is the infinity ?"
"Where does the logic end ?"

Friday, March 4, 2011

The art of ageing.

My new niece is sixteen months old. I was babysitting her for a day while she tested my well-spoken physical energy in 24 hrs. When I handed over the little bundle of joy to her parents I had renamed her to "TERMINATOR". :-DWell, the point is that little girl left me thinking over process of growing adult. She had stumbling walks and rumbling talks. I was also sixteen months once and could have barely spoken or walked steadily. Now I run like horse and speak to kill. It was not her, it was time. Which I also lived years ago and living another time now. My little niece will go to school and college; she will also face the challenges of adolescence like how I did. She will have her own puzzles and answers like we all had as a part of growing up.Growing old is like climbing a mountain...taking each step towards top, each step towards raising above, sometimes enjoying the different views from the different heights, sometimes frightening too...But climbing each stair feels liberating.

Finally when we sit on the peak of the mountain we can view the entire landscape as whole... All the towns we got lost into once look so tiny and clear. Beginning, intersections and end of all the roads we traveled and thought "How I reached here? Where shall I turn next? Or will this ever end?" feel so enlightening and ridiculous together. May be we wonder from height "Hah that was so silly!" How nicely the lakes and rivers are placed? How beautiful the forests looked we were afraid of once? It was noisy on the surface, and so very calm on the crest. Wind is clear and senses are profound.In worldly terms for many of us as an adult there are still few challenges like professional and social ones, hoping that will get clearer as we keep climbing our mountains. I might bumble back but it will be something more meaningful above for sure. Future seems crystal clear in 76th year of life. ;-)

Spiritually speaking, in the amateur status of being, same jitters is experienced emotionally and mentally as small kid is restless round-the-clock. Mostly, Time gives the tricks to stabilize the jitters, if we could realize the truth as we grew spiritually. Like a hyperactive baby becalms in later years.Philosophically, Truth takes many forms, Truth is complex by nature. Sometimes we need myth to convey the truth. Its only for us being a part of the process that time exists. Life involves a process of realization, through the course of time. Life evolves over time. That is the reason of the existence, To understand and to resolve.
Close up:"If you truly want to be honest - SING."


Monday, January 24, 2011

Away from home.

As a word itself ‘HOME’ is contradicting in nature. It combines the spirit of the bonding and separation together.

Being confined in very homelike environment always keeps from essential exposure to the reality outside at the same time it just not leave your heart, it keeps on spreading over the body, mind all the time you are away.

All the years back home created the suffocation, contracted the flavor of the experiences. I felt locked in the shell and over protected and now I want to go back all the time. Why do we leave our native if we cannot accept the distance in first place?

To find the unknowns, to feel the loneliness, to value them better, to earn some money on your own, to get the feel of the venture, To find out all the strengths and weaknesses in self…there are thousands of sundry reasons and then the sense of separation propels.

May be only those can realize, how it feels, when you crash in the bed after a long hard day and close your eyes… “Eight more days to go home”, “Seven more days to go home”… who stays far away from home? There will be lot of illegal immigrant staying in foreign lands for decades…they cannot come back. They would have been left with memories of the memories…the turn of the street in the town, the group of the friends in the cold night, all the relatives who came to airport to say goodbye… They leave all of them just like that as it was. Exiled people also must have felt that strong affection for the native land. A Goaen poet was expelled by Portuguese government during freedom fight wrote “What all I left for love of Goa?” It extends the list of wonderful pleasures in homeland including the red sand remained on poet’s hand. Surly the girl’s departure to in-laws house also would be raising the same sentiments of “leaving home”. A moment of separation from father, all the garlands offered to late relatives, Grandma’s glasses, younger sister’s comb, and elder brother’s towel, smell from mother’s sari…everything is left behind. Last Mogul emperor Bahadursha Zafar was exiled to Rangoon, Burma. There he wrote in his last days…

Lagtaa nahii hai dil meraa ujRe dayaar meiN, kiss kii banii hai aalame-naapaaidaar meiN

umr-e-daraaz maaNg ke laaye the chaar din,do aarzuu meiN kaT gaye do intezaar meiN

Cannot find peace, this heart of mine, in this wrecked land

Who has succeeded in this, transitory world?

Having asked for a long life, I brought back four days

Two passed away in yearning, and two in waiting.

You can hear the whistle blow A hundred miles

Lord,I’m one, Lord, I’m two

Lord, I’m three, Lord, I’m four

Lord, I’m five hundred miles away from home, Away from home.

Close up:

Half the lies they tell about me aren't true.

~Yogi Berra