Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fun to Talk.

Alrighty…I had my Jaws/Mouth paining because of talking too much on the last day of my college. What a moment I thought I was having, All these mates I am not going to see them ever, I am not going to come to classrooms and stare at black boards or sign in lab register again, starting a completely new life since my birth in my awareness and at my will. I wanted to fill in that bit of life as much as I could. That is the same amount of talk I deliver when I meet my mother and sister upon ‘N’ number of subjects or talk three hours at a stretch when a friend calls up from abroad. There are not many people who gets me talking…or rather should I say can unlock the catastrophe of me speaking endlessly… :-D

Nowadays I could find one more friend with whom I enjoy talking …Typical me as a thought occurred “Why do we talk at all?” I don’t want to get into anatomy of vocal track or genes responsible for speech. Not just about making sounds like animals, we are only species who can convey complex meanings and thoughts. We talk matter when awake and blabber in sleep (or drunk). Talk to ourselves while lonely and talk to God regardless where we are. Most of the time we speak and sometimes we TALK…More when happy and less with sadness, loudly with joy and slowly in sorrow. We talk or to be precise the way we use language is to relate…A relation determines what we talk and talk defines us, Humans. Abhimanu was listening to his mother’s talks in her womb. How can a sign language be missed while talking about talks? :-)

Well, Zillions of reasons - To express, To keep something alive, To respond, To be sensitive, To encourage, To anger… etc etc etc.

Beyond our innate ability of speech and upbringing, there are more factors, which influence why we talk.

Personally, it is something, which defines me to others and defines others to me…

Hmmm...Keep talking :-)

Close up:

"Meditate. Live purely. Be quiet. Do your work with mastery. Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds!Shine."



  1. I always have some take away from this page. this time it is 'Most of the time we speak and sometimes we TALK'

  2. Hi, How are you doing...why you are not writing your next blog!!!