Monday, March 24, 2008

As for you.

Never forget that of 400 million or so of your father's spermatozoa that scrambled for courtship in your mother’s uterus, you survived a 1 in 400 million chance of being born.
The chance that your mother was ovulating that day: about 2 in 28.
The chance that your father was going to get lucky that night: 1 in 10.
The chance that they would meet in a world of 6.7 billion people: 1 in 3 million.
The chance that in the entire history of all Homo sapiens they would be born in the same timeframe to permit childbirth: 1 in 4 billion.
The chance that Homo sapiens would evolve from primordial gas: 1 in 45 trillion.
The chance that earth would permit life altogether in a universe of uninhabitable planets: 1 in 750 quadrillion.

In the end, you might have had a 1 in 500 trillion gazillion chance of being born. Congratulations. Good show. Bravo.

The chance of you now having a resplendent life is singularly up to you.

-Bill Bryson (Reading of the week)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The love season.

Yesterday was the Holi/Easter on the same day. Both are celebrated as a first day of the spring. The season of the love. I missed the festival of colors back home. Being dipped and drowned and drenched in bright joyful colors, friends and the food. The stories I remember are the Prahlad’s love for lord Narsimha saved him from burning alive in the fire with aunt Holika, A story of everlasting love between Lord Krishna and Radha. He once asked Yashoda -why is Radha fair and he is dark. Mother Yasotha replied -If you are so much jealous of Radha’s color then go and put dark colours on her and she will also turn dark like you. Lord Krishna went ahead and smeared colors on Radha. Lord Shiva’s love for his wife Sati and Rati’s love for Kamdeva. Lord Kamdeva was revived in the form of mental image for Rati on the day of Holi, and hence celebrates the festival in his name.

Hmmm…Love. Wide range from something that gives a little pleasure to something one would die for.
I think, it’s a work, something which takes efforts. Like when I love someone I actually have to ‘DO’ something. It’s a course of an action, list of steps taken in terms of fulfillment of my emotional, intellectual, social requirement. Huh…too technical…I can’t say I love my job without going to office. When you want something for free it’s not love. Love is a part of us; like your own hands or your asthma, you can’t get rid of it. You can’t substitute love. It’s not a commodity in the shop, where you can think of buying at better price, color, offer or stuff with 5 yrs more warranty. It’s an obsession. It makes you helpless, it’s above any ‘ifs and buts’. No reason, no condition. Its simple, it’s strong. May be, that’s why animal can love better then humans…like how dog runs towards you, like how horse walks besides you… we are too smart to love.

In young days we asked our mother ‘Ma whom you love most among we three?’ she showed her open palm and asked us back ‘Which finger I cut and it wont bleed, I love you all equally’, Now 22 yrs later when my brother wanted his love of the life and my mother said ‘choose either me or that girl’. My brother showed her the same set of fingers ‘which finger I will cut and it wont bleed, I want both of you, she is also a part of me like you mother’. He had 6 months of continuous labor to bring his wife home. This is the example I saw in my life, and he told my mother unless you agree I wont marry her.

Every time someone asks me ‘have fallen in love?’ I reply ‘I am always in love, love is like time for me and the person is like season, they come and go but I am always happy’. Keeping me happy in adversity is my job, and I do love myself too. I can’t pain myself for the season like person who care a damn for me!! You can not love unless you are loving, Loving your self. The one and only one love is self-love. You tend to like the person with whom you can relate. You feel satisfied after having the other person in your life. It’s like another self or the extended self. That’s what is meant by ‘being one’ may be!! The other person is the manifestation of self; indirectly you want your own self.

Love like any other assignment, it consumes you, which makes you feel ‘on the go’, motivated. May be that’s why successful affair leaves you contented and you remain stable. Or the other way around people are reluctant to go through it in case of failure. They feel worked up.

Well it’s never ending subject, but for me Love is not the magically generated spontaneous sensation. It’s like colors in the Holi. You explicitly decide to get dyed into, and later proudly display the tinged. The beautiful mixture of the differences, vivid and vibrant and you can’t separate these colors from the skin after many days of the festival. Happy Holi guys…

Close up:
Inexpressible is the story of Love,It cannot be revealed by words.Like the dumb eating sweet-meat,Only smiles, the sweetness he cannot tell. - Kabir

Monday, March 17, 2008

A friend called happiness…

A friend called happiness…
Came from my dreams,
Showed me the reality,
And went back to my dreams again….
Now I know,
Dream is the only reality!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Physically fitta.

Here in US, 60% of the advertisements I see on TV are on weight lose, obesity, weight management, exercise equipments and some other miraculous products which would instantly make you slim and sexy. This is the land where Eight out of 10 over 25's are overweight…gosh!! Or the other way around teenage girls suffering from bulimia…

I used to tell my friend how anybody can grow ‘THIS’ fat!! From last 12 years exercise has been part of my routine. I can tell you instantly what activity/food would burn/provide you how much of calorie. For me personally workouts are time when I am myself, enjoy the great music and feel my thumping heart at the rate of 162 BPM. I run for about 3.2 KM (planning for 5K :-) ) at the speed of 9 KM/Hr and the other weights and floor stuff. It’s just out-and-out fun for me. I love buying cool mp3, gym wear, latest cardio meter watches or comforting running shoes….I even have worked out at 12 in the night and I really don’t know how the ‘physically fit’ part is determined in personality.

I admit that I failed to change my few friend’s lifestyle after realizing…if it continues this way it’s gonna be miserable. They will come up with nonsense proverb ‘With food or without food, anyway you would die, why not with food’. Hey!! But why not die happily, choose your death, why you have to suffer or die helplessly …the worse part is you can’t die, so easily. some time I even feel pity of seeing two small feet carry the hundreds of kegs mountain…and get angry too when they complain bloody age and arthritis…As usual…Because I feel so concerned…

Anybody can enjoy all the food anytime with flaunting physique if they really see for them selves how great it is to pay little attention towards their habits. It’s really nice where people misunderstand you five years younger then your real age. The lump of flesh including your brains can be beautiful composition of accuracy, agility, stamina and speed. 15 minutes of brisk walk (7 Km/Hr) can elevate your mood or refresh you from built up tension. Physical exertion release «feel good» chemicals in the brain -- that is, endorphins, the body's natural painkillers. Endorphins are the reason why soldiers in battle and sportsmen/women in the field don't always feel the pain of injury till later; often they feel just the excitement and euphoria of taking part and, perhaps, winning.

Respect your god given tool man, and do not abuse, Please…

Close up:
Just do it!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I opened the door at 7 in the morning to head office. And 'Golly!!!' there were around 10-15 coins of 10 cents...properly kept and did not seem like fallen accidentally....
okay I collected those and kept it aside in the surprise continues when I turned back and pull the door to be closed and there was a small note stuck with a message "Jesus loves you, where ever you go, he will find you there"...Okey...typical satiric smile,"yeah, well... you see someone loves me... Jesus, cool !!"
I wondered if any known person has played the prank or may be the apartment authority would be having some customs...nothing I could figure out...I thought since easter is approaching someone would have picked up the door no.607...On Monday morning for Little Miracle...

Friday, March 7, 2008

Uniting Generations and it's Teachings.

Concept vise it’s not all that different when you see the present combines past and future. But happen to think about existing four lives in me. My Grand parents, parents, siblings and kids (cousin’s and sibling’s)

Baa and Dadaji (grand) filled me stories over millions of subjects. Baa taught me the centuries old poems. She gave me the love for Arjuna and the archery. She lives the example of uneducated lady comes to city to struggle and educate her four children. Dadaji explaind me that to eat is heaven and enjoy the life. He secretly gave us all the forbidden freedom for kids, like drinking the tea by log fire in the cold winter night and talk about robbers. He used to make us cut the wood by saw, clime on the mango trees and jump back into bullock cart before Pappa catches us; he introduces us to the splendor of riding horse.

My mother gave me the example of how important the husband is. She used to carry me and show me the stars just before making ready for the school. Every summer she prepares those my favorite chips without fail and preserves all the ingredient, Papad for the entire year. She ensures there is milk in the house at any point of time. She pasted my exam timetable on the kitchen wall. She asks me what is software engineering.

And my father, the most favorite person in family. He constructed my personality, coached me for the life in any circumstances. He shared my feeling when I was 15 yrs and I had the first crush. He told me there is a no other option of hard work. He scolded me for my mistakes & motivated me in my failures. Every time I get scared I want to go to him and he will say ‘yaa hom karine pado fateh che aage’ a line from Narmad’s Gujrati poem. i.e, ‘Make a fearless yell inside and jump in there is just a victory ahead’. My father taught me about Samrat Ashok with the message at last ‘Budham Sharnam Gachhami’.

Coming to the third generation, my time, my brother and sister or my friends. Just plain love and care and loads of laughter. My darling sister used to finish her exams and come to Bangalore to support me during my exams. She would fill the thermos with tea before sleeping if I have the night out studying. She has amazing sense of humor where we shared the tons of amusement over every silly matter. And my brother is like small dad. Well, I fought with him more then anybody because we are always equal. He used to buy me the Hero pens which I still like from the shop next to his school. He taught me to ride the bicycle and the Yamaha Rx100 and the car too. He used to solve my trigonometry doubts in 11th-12th. Now we talk about agriculture and new business development. My Friends who accepted me for the way I am, doubtlessly. They loved me for my being, shared all my laughter and tears and never left me alone. They trusted me, wanted me without any practical worldly reason.

And the story comes to my five months old niece. She awakened the child in me again. I sing all the songs to her, which I learnt from my mother and granny. And the other kids in my family or neighborhoods bring out the most mischievous self in me. We play pranks and all stupid games. I am so much rejuvenated after spending an hour with them.

Now being in awe… will I sustain this generations in me. Will I survive the values, the felicity of routine day to day life and the heavy weight idealistic teachings? We all have so much to offer to the world, and to our self. There is so much to retain instead of holding upon needless grieves. Happiness and gratitude is the only choice we have, either we look back or front. Why to clutch the conflicts and let the beautiful simplicity go?

Close up:
At last philosophy of the entire century is common sense of next.