Saturday, March 15, 2008

Physically fitta.

Here in US, 60% of the advertisements I see on TV are on weight lose, obesity, weight management, exercise equipments and some other miraculous products which would instantly make you slim and sexy. This is the land where Eight out of 10 over 25's are overweight…gosh!! Or the other way around teenage girls suffering from bulimia…

I used to tell my friend how anybody can grow ‘THIS’ fat!! From last 12 years exercise has been part of my routine. I can tell you instantly what activity/food would burn/provide you how much of calorie. For me personally workouts are time when I am myself, enjoy the great music and feel my thumping heart at the rate of 162 BPM. I run for about 3.2 KM (planning for 5K :-) ) at the speed of 9 KM/Hr and the other weights and floor stuff. It’s just out-and-out fun for me. I love buying cool mp3, gym wear, latest cardio meter watches or comforting running shoes….I even have worked out at 12 in the night and I really don’t know how the ‘physically fit’ part is determined in personality.

I admit that I failed to change my few friend’s lifestyle after realizing…if it continues this way it’s gonna be miserable. They will come up with nonsense proverb ‘With food or without food, anyway you would die, why not with food’. Hey!! But why not die happily, choose your death, why you have to suffer or die helplessly …the worse part is you can’t die, so easily. some time I even feel pity of seeing two small feet carry the hundreds of kegs mountain…and get angry too when they complain bloody age and arthritis…As usual…Because I feel so concerned…

Anybody can enjoy all the food anytime with flaunting physique if they really see for them selves how great it is to pay little attention towards their habits. It’s really nice where people misunderstand you five years younger then your real age. The lump of flesh including your brains can be beautiful composition of accuracy, agility, stamina and speed. 15 minutes of brisk walk (7 Km/Hr) can elevate your mood or refresh you from built up tension. Physical exertion release «feel good» chemicals in the brain -- that is, endorphins, the body's natural painkillers. Endorphins are the reason why soldiers in battle and sportsmen/women in the field don't always feel the pain of injury till later; often they feel just the excitement and euphoria of taking part and, perhaps, winning.

Respect your god given tool man, and do not abuse, Please…

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Just do it!

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