Saturday, March 22, 2008

The love season.

Yesterday was the Holi/Easter on the same day. Both are celebrated as a first day of the spring. The season of the love. I missed the festival of colors back home. Being dipped and drowned and drenched in bright joyful colors, friends and the food. The stories I remember are the Prahlad’s love for lord Narsimha saved him from burning alive in the fire with aunt Holika, A story of everlasting love between Lord Krishna and Radha. He once asked Yashoda -why is Radha fair and he is dark. Mother Yasotha replied -If you are so much jealous of Radha’s color then go and put dark colours on her and she will also turn dark like you. Lord Krishna went ahead and smeared colors on Radha. Lord Shiva’s love for his wife Sati and Rati’s love for Kamdeva. Lord Kamdeva was revived in the form of mental image for Rati on the day of Holi, and hence celebrates the festival in his name.

Hmmm…Love. Wide range from something that gives a little pleasure to something one would die for.
I think, it’s a work, something which takes efforts. Like when I love someone I actually have to ‘DO’ something. It’s a course of an action, list of steps taken in terms of fulfillment of my emotional, intellectual, social requirement. Huh…too technical…I can’t say I love my job without going to office. When you want something for free it’s not love. Love is a part of us; like your own hands or your asthma, you can’t get rid of it. You can’t substitute love. It’s not a commodity in the shop, where you can think of buying at better price, color, offer or stuff with 5 yrs more warranty. It’s an obsession. It makes you helpless, it’s above any ‘ifs and buts’. No reason, no condition. Its simple, it’s strong. May be, that’s why animal can love better then humans…like how dog runs towards you, like how horse walks besides you… we are too smart to love.

In young days we asked our mother ‘Ma whom you love most among we three?’ she showed her open palm and asked us back ‘Which finger I cut and it wont bleed, I love you all equally’, Now 22 yrs later when my brother wanted his love of the life and my mother said ‘choose either me or that girl’. My brother showed her the same set of fingers ‘which finger I will cut and it wont bleed, I want both of you, she is also a part of me like you mother’. He had 6 months of continuous labor to bring his wife home. This is the example I saw in my life, and he told my mother unless you agree I wont marry her.

Every time someone asks me ‘have fallen in love?’ I reply ‘I am always in love, love is like time for me and the person is like season, they come and go but I am always happy’. Keeping me happy in adversity is my job, and I do love myself too. I can’t pain myself for the season like person who care a damn for me!! You can not love unless you are loving, Loving your self. The one and only one love is self-love. You tend to like the person with whom you can relate. You feel satisfied after having the other person in your life. It’s like another self or the extended self. That’s what is meant by ‘being one’ may be!! The other person is the manifestation of self; indirectly you want your own self.

Love like any other assignment, it consumes you, which makes you feel ‘on the go’, motivated. May be that’s why successful affair leaves you contented and you remain stable. Or the other way around people are reluctant to go through it in case of failure. They feel worked up.

Well it’s never ending subject, but for me Love is not the magically generated spontaneous sensation. It’s like colors in the Holi. You explicitly decide to get dyed into, and later proudly display the tinged. The beautiful mixture of the differences, vivid and vibrant and you can’t separate these colors from the skin after many days of the festival. Happy Holi guys…

Close up:
Inexpressible is the story of Love,It cannot be revealed by words.Like the dumb eating sweet-meat,Only smiles, the sweetness he cannot tell. - Kabir

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