Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stories Stories Stories

I was thinking I should recollect, compile and save all the stories I learnt from my granny and all the games we played we when were small. I thought that will help me understand myself better…why I am what I am…

Morning over the tea my mother told me about the story of the ‘Gaja-Graha’, Gaja is elephant, graha means crocodile, Gajendra was once sporting in the waters of a lake when a huge crocodile came along and caught hold of one of his legs and started pulling him down into the water.Gaja struggled till he lost his power. He was slowly becoming weaker, and the crocodile was becoming stronger… he could not save himself in this struggle. It was at this time that he called out to the Lord! Please come along and save me. It is said that even as he uttered the word Govinda, Lord appeared on his vehicle, Garuda. He killed the crocodile with his çaìkha and chakra, and saved Gajendra. At last she said….As long as we think that we are strong enough, we keep on fighting or struggling in our life. When we find that we are indeed helpless, we seek the help of the Lord.

Late in the evening I was about to leave and over the phone my friend was telling me the story what happened over the day and we were catching upon stuff.

After 2-3 days I sat with a book which had a lavish narration of stories from Greek mythology: “The giant Argus had 100 eyes. Someone’s children are served up at a dinner feast. Andromeda was rescued by Pursues, married him, produced 6 children and was transformed into a constellation. The story of a hunter whose wife thinks he is having an affair with the breeze and winds up shot by her husband's javelin.”

Saturday couple of friend’s are coming down ….again stories & more stories….to know, to inform, to laugh, to cry, to learn, to love and to hate and to criticize, stories of terror and sympathy, stories to construct and to destroy….to live and to die. Stories of the village and stories of the nation. Stories of raise and the fall…To sleep and to awake. Managers have their stories and the developers have their own…

Story becomes history and the history becomes story ….Little fact & little fiction.
I inherited the stories and pass some more stories to my descendants…

A day will come where I myself will become a story…

Monday, July 28, 2008

Little buzz of the week gone by:

- On Orkut I met one lady who does everything I would love to sometime in future. She is just amazing.
- Article on: Why we love men.
- A shop kipper jumped out of his store to release the traffic deadlock at Maruthinagar- Madiwada. He left the store with another man and took the control over the chock-a-block to ease it up on the road. Salute to that unknown chap.
- An hour long horse riding after quite a while.
- Found about this on net:
- Music: loved this song ‘Aaoge jab tum saajna, Aangana phool khilenge (Jab we met) by Rahet Fateh Ali Khan’ ….I heard it about 50 times :-)
- With such an eager expressions on their face, I saw a mother and grand mother teaching Bhajans to young girl.
- Movies: Entrapment, Signs, How to loose a guy in 10 days.
- Morning on the way to temple I noticed a Papa teaching scooter to young boy. Papa was little bent over to match the young ones height.

- Fashion and style: Colored my growing hair…
- Books: Couple of pages in Reader’s digest and Prevention.

- Work : All the concerns raised in the review are addressed. Still busy.
- Exercise: Just one day…bad bad bad.
- Depression of the week: Bomb blasts at Bangalore & Ahmadabad and the deaths of the innocent people. I have decided to not to talk the tall unless I actually go and do something. We all just talk; it’s free, as simple as complimenting girl's good looks... I am also a part of this hypocrite world.
- The excitement of the week: We were in the auto and an old beggar man, extended his hand for something; I had an Umbrella…..and Wooolaaah!!!! Now he will never have to get wet again. Thanks God (If you exist) for making me able to relief him in the rain.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I don't know.

I don’t know whether it’s good or bad, where you reach the state of ‘I care a damn’, ‘who cares!!’ ' oyee Menu ki fark penda' for everything and anything you come across…Though I have liked the boldness of the gambler who has lost everything in the last game. But it’s not acceptable where you start getting blunt or rude.

well, Honestly, I don’t know!!!

Close up:
No hope is freedom. -Chuck Palahniuk

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Work Addcition Syndrome.

I wrote the first COM component of my life today and It worked perfactly fine without any logical, compilation or runtime error in a single shot to my surprise. I was really happy...

It has been 6 months that I am really working so hard. And I am liking it.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Away from retail therapy.

Woohoooooooo....4th month of not shopping anything at all.

No dresses, No jeans, No Shoes, No Jewellery, No sports wear or shoes, Nothing for house...absolutely nothing with ANY of the reason....Bravo Swati. Two more months to go.

May be I can try this out every year. Hmmm.... interesting..let's see.