Monday, July 28, 2008

Little buzz of the week gone by:

- On Orkut I met one lady who does everything I would love to sometime in future. She is just amazing.
- Article on: Why we love men.
- A shop kipper jumped out of his store to release the traffic deadlock at Maruthinagar- Madiwada. He left the store with another man and took the control over the chock-a-block to ease it up on the road. Salute to that unknown chap.
- An hour long horse riding after quite a while.
- Found about this on net:
- Music: loved this song ‘Aaoge jab tum saajna, Aangana phool khilenge (Jab we met) by Rahet Fateh Ali Khan’ ….I heard it about 50 times :-)
- With such an eager expressions on their face, I saw a mother and grand mother teaching Bhajans to young girl.
- Movies: Entrapment, Signs, How to loose a guy in 10 days.
- Morning on the way to temple I noticed a Papa teaching scooter to young boy. Papa was little bent over to match the young ones height.

- Fashion and style: Colored my growing hair…
- Books: Couple of pages in Reader’s digest and Prevention.

- Work : All the concerns raised in the review are addressed. Still busy.
- Exercise: Just one day…bad bad bad.
- Depression of the week: Bomb blasts at Bangalore & Ahmadabad and the deaths of the innocent people. I have decided to not to talk the tall unless I actually go and do something. We all just talk; it’s free, as simple as complimenting girl's good looks... I am also a part of this hypocrite world.
- The excitement of the week: We were in the auto and an old beggar man, extended his hand for something; I had an Umbrella…..and Wooolaaah!!!! Now he will never have to get wet again. Thanks God (If you exist) for making me able to relief him in the rain.

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