Sunday, February 28, 2010

What is in no. 4 ?

Check these numbers out - 4, 8, 16, 24…48, 56, 64, 72…
There are 108 beads in the rosaries.

1 ‘Ghadi = 24 min, 8 ‘Ghadi’ = 1 Prahar (192 min), A day = 32 ‘Ghadi’ (768 min) or 4‘Prahar’ and a night is made of 4 ‘Prahara’ too.

A working day is of 8 hours and a year has 4 seasons.

There are 4 vedas and 4 sections of life.

There are 4 main directions and we Gujarati’s circle the fire 4 times in wedding each circle stands for religion, finance, pleasure and salvation. These are 4 important pillar of the human life.

There are 8 planets in the sky…

Moon has these 16 degrees of successive lunation.

Woman can have 16 different ways of dressing and man can have 32 virtues. Woman's age is again parted into 4 segment 1-16 is 'Bala' (youngster), 16-32 is ''Yuva' (youth), 32- 48 is 'Praudha' (matured), and 48 - 64 is 'Vridha' (aged).... (I think, those days, woman's average life expectancy would have been around 65 years).

There are 32 different branch of knowledge and 64 are the forms of art for female and 72 for male. 4 of 32 knowledge streams are considered to be main, Aurved (Medicine), Dhanurved (Archery), Gandharvaved (Occult), Tantraved (Sorcery)…As far as art is concerned Male’s field is expanded to accommodate some audacity, wassailing & gambling skills, which is not for females…whatever…

But...What is in no. 4 ?

Close up:
“I believe in a lively disrespect for most forms of authority…”
~Rita Mae Brown

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Ends.

On 8th Dec Tuesday morning at 6 AM, My land lord Uncle expired. Leaving a dark close room, where his voice echoed all the time. The house seems empty without his presence. He helped me getting the job, he did not take the deposit for the house and didn’t increased the rent from past four years, He checked for my convenience, he shouted at me for forgetting the key inside the house…no one to ask ‘kya ho raha hai Beti?’ now….

There is another death in the same week. There was a friend (xyz), constant companion from past almost 2 years…xyz decided to go away from my life due to personal reasons. I tried talking to xyz to be with me but it seems reluctant and decided to completely cut me off and depart permanently from my life forever. A beautiful relation died. As I believe that true friendship last forever, I convince myself, it was never there. It has created a vacuum…where we shared so much, laughed so much, went out to eat and shop, where we spent Saturday evenings at Saibaba temple and chattered before returning home… I sit all alone and wish what if my friend was around with me….but it’s bygone... This is life. It happens. A friend died. :-(

This is called death. The end. The only actuality in all the illusions. Everything ends. You don’t find them anywhere, you look for them, and you imagine what if they were around….you sigh and try to get into what you have than what is gone.

Finding a good house and a good house with caring Uncle who is interested in tenant’s comfort and security more than money is blessing. I wish to continue in the same house unless my life offers some other option, to be with Aunty, who is left alone.
Finding a good friend is difficult. True friends are even harder to get. Therefore losing friend is a sad occurrence… I used to tell, “with you I look back on my tears and laugh” but I never thought "I’d look back on our laughter and cry".…

There is last scene in the movie “My best friend’s wedding”…where Julia Robert stares at Michael O’Neal back with the eagerness and awe, who is walking away with his bride…
He turns back at her with warm smile and a hug…true friends always turn back at you, they won’t let you go.
Let me pray for that…though I know which is impossible, hope someday xyz come back in my life…And we can tease each other about our walking style…

Close up:
"What a piece of work is man!”
~William Shakespeare