Sunday, February 28, 2010

What is in no. 4 ?

Check these numbers out - 4, 8, 16, 24…48, 56, 64, 72…
There are 108 beads in the rosaries.

1 ‘Ghadi = 24 min, 8 ‘Ghadi’ = 1 Prahar (192 min), A day = 32 ‘Ghadi’ (768 min) or 4‘Prahar’ and a night is made of 4 ‘Prahara’ too.

A working day is of 8 hours and a year has 4 seasons.

There are 4 vedas and 4 sections of life.

There are 4 main directions and we Gujarati’s circle the fire 4 times in wedding each circle stands for religion, finance, pleasure and salvation. These are 4 important pillar of the human life.

There are 8 planets in the sky…

Moon has these 16 degrees of successive lunation.

Woman can have 16 different ways of dressing and man can have 32 virtues. Woman's age is again parted into 4 segment 1-16 is 'Bala' (youngster), 16-32 is ''Yuva' (youth), 32- 48 is 'Praudha' (matured), and 48 - 64 is 'Vridha' (aged).... (I think, those days, woman's average life expectancy would have been around 65 years).

There are 32 different branch of knowledge and 64 are the forms of art for female and 72 for male. 4 of 32 knowledge streams are considered to be main, Aurved (Medicine), Dhanurved (Archery), Gandharvaved (Occult), Tantraved (Sorcery)…As far as art is concerned Male’s field is expanded to accommodate some audacity, wassailing & gambling skills, which is not for females…whatever…

But...What is in no. 4 ?

Close up:
“I believe in a lively disrespect for most forms of authority…”
~Rita Mae Brown

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