Friday, March 7, 2008

Uniting Generations and it's Teachings.

Concept vise it’s not all that different when you see the present combines past and future. But happen to think about existing four lives in me. My Grand parents, parents, siblings and kids (cousin’s and sibling’s)

Baa and Dadaji (grand) filled me stories over millions of subjects. Baa taught me the centuries old poems. She gave me the love for Arjuna and the archery. She lives the example of uneducated lady comes to city to struggle and educate her four children. Dadaji explaind me that to eat is heaven and enjoy the life. He secretly gave us all the forbidden freedom for kids, like drinking the tea by log fire in the cold winter night and talk about robbers. He used to make us cut the wood by saw, clime on the mango trees and jump back into bullock cart before Pappa catches us; he introduces us to the splendor of riding horse.

My mother gave me the example of how important the husband is. She used to carry me and show me the stars just before making ready for the school. Every summer she prepares those my favorite chips without fail and preserves all the ingredient, Papad for the entire year. She ensures there is milk in the house at any point of time. She pasted my exam timetable on the kitchen wall. She asks me what is software engineering.

And my father, the most favorite person in family. He constructed my personality, coached me for the life in any circumstances. He shared my feeling when I was 15 yrs and I had the first crush. He told me there is a no other option of hard work. He scolded me for my mistakes & motivated me in my failures. Every time I get scared I want to go to him and he will say ‘yaa hom karine pado fateh che aage’ a line from Narmad’s Gujrati poem. i.e, ‘Make a fearless yell inside and jump in there is just a victory ahead’. My father taught me about Samrat Ashok with the message at last ‘Budham Sharnam Gachhami’.

Coming to the third generation, my time, my brother and sister or my friends. Just plain love and care and loads of laughter. My darling sister used to finish her exams and come to Bangalore to support me during my exams. She would fill the thermos with tea before sleeping if I have the night out studying. She has amazing sense of humor where we shared the tons of amusement over every silly matter. And my brother is like small dad. Well, I fought with him more then anybody because we are always equal. He used to buy me the Hero pens which I still like from the shop next to his school. He taught me to ride the bicycle and the Yamaha Rx100 and the car too. He used to solve my trigonometry doubts in 11th-12th. Now we talk about agriculture and new business development. My Friends who accepted me for the way I am, doubtlessly. They loved me for my being, shared all my laughter and tears and never left me alone. They trusted me, wanted me without any practical worldly reason.

And the story comes to my five months old niece. She awakened the child in me again. I sing all the songs to her, which I learnt from my mother and granny. And the other kids in my family or neighborhoods bring out the most mischievous self in me. We play pranks and all stupid games. I am so much rejuvenated after spending an hour with them.

Now being in awe… will I sustain this generations in me. Will I survive the values, the felicity of routine day to day life and the heavy weight idealistic teachings? We all have so much to offer to the world, and to our self. There is so much to retain instead of holding upon needless grieves. Happiness and gratitude is the only choice we have, either we look back or front. Why to clutch the conflicts and let the beautiful simplicity go?

Close up:
At last philosophy of the entire century is common sense of next.

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