Monday, February 25, 2008

Being sensitive is unconstitutional?

Yeah…That’s what she said ‘thts too senti’ … It was kindda disregarded.
I was like ‘what’? No!! …it’s about being sensitive, about being perceptive, being intuitive, and being creative and imaginative, empathic, intense, about being soulful …
I care a damn …You can’t understand, I don’t expect you to feel that.
Its beautiful, its poetic…it’s so very human.
Living every moment to the core, enjoying all the merriment and infliction at the max. It’s like having amplified years on the earth…with a striking tempo.

I accept that being sensitive is not being weak. And being insensitive is not being strong too. It takes lots of wisdom, which again takes courage to fine line the difference between sensitivity and the other real worldly stuff.
It’s a market everywhere. Emotions, Relations, Friends, life, beauty, guts …Everything can be bought and sold and of course subject to availability, better with discount. Everybody has a remote and the regulator. Okey …let me not deviate.

But have you smelled the sunlight? The bright warm sunlight when you are in the backyard of the village house?
At the age of nine, when you were ill, and your Papa hugged you in the bed while telling you the story of the tiger and the little gal?
You know? Afternoon when you returned from the college and you had the intuition that your mommy is going to ask you about food in your own style …”Maa hum bhukha hun”. Can you imagine how ecstatic it is when the brightness over the face and sparkling eyes talks about your happiness without you uttering a word?

My brother loves the way I laugh, it’s loud and I will clap at the end of my noise expression of joy…and crying is not a big deal too. I openly cry (well not in public of course)…my sister tells, I cry like Donald duck one eye and 5 tears splashing out from all the sides.

And the same way around the softness of your voice says that you are hurt or sad. Did you feel the smile on the corner of your lips, when every little thing reminded your recently lost love? It must be really tough for you to image how enjoyable the solitude is and what is the craving for a friend who gets your jokes right …when you are not sensitive.
And its gonna be even harder when I talk about my need to connect to myself, oceans, forests, deserts, books, poems, family, friend, my pets, and my play, old rejected senior citizens, orphans…and of course the lost ones too.

This is called passion… for me life is ‘deep sea diving’ and I reject to float on the surface with the lifesaving equipments…

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