Saturday, February 9, 2008

Last 3 Funny Days ...

I was pretty excited after receiving my Wenger Pegasus Swiss gear computer backpack on Wednesday, and did not take it off my shoulder to feel good. Morning I was preparing for the meeting with the backpack still on my shoulder (well actually I had forgotten to take it off out of tension) in the chair and Paul came to ask me the status…he said ‘what’s this Swati?’ and all the heads turned at me, with loud laughter circulated around I got up to keep the bag aside. Though I kept on looking at it from distance and all for the whole day. I had to capture images for my device management function; I clicked the bag and the more of the bag. After seeing the demo of the code working fine with the scan gun, in the evening Paul said so ‘you loved your backpack’ huh?
:-D.... I narrated the bag and he was starring at me with monkey face.

Thursday evening I got the subway sandwich attack and thought of getting down on the way, at subway…well in US it’s a CMMI 5 process to stop by on the road. And naturally I was dragged back to my stipulated destination. Friend called up and instead of ‘hi’ I said ‘I wanna eat subway veggie delite sandwich with loads of herds and spice’…he was laughing…and said ‘H I’…

Later I waited at front desk to get the pick up/drop by the hotel shuttle to reach nearby subway. This tumbling driver took me to airport and brought me back to hotel instead of my dream destination ‘subway’. He gazed at me with the words ‘would you like to come to Airport again?’ Eeeeahhh…I booked the taxi and that gal at desk asked me ‘the shuttle did not take you?’ I shook my head like monkey indicating ‘NO’.

Then she booked the special round trip taxi costing 20 bucks for me to eat $2’s sandwich. Angel.
I ate one and parceled 3, Should be enough to get rid of this sandwich fever.

Okay part II of the story …Saturday I had a plan to go for skiing. I was all set with enough research on the place, sport and the safety for the lady travelling alone. On the way back to apartment, used ATM to withdraw few $$ to make my trip. ATM was not in mood it declined all my trials and refused to give me any money. I was staring at ATM with monkey face :)

Well, I called taxi, to get the ride thinking that other colleagues can land me little money for tomorrow, and the Mexican driver uncle declined the request with the support of not all that bad weather… Jennifer was still there and she dropped me back in her car.

As I reached apartment none of these guys were seen. I kept on calling their rooms to ask for money and of course with a dream of sliding over the snow in my head. I tried till 9.30 PM but no response. I was all alone with my shattered dream of skiing. Furiously I thought of ordering Chicago style deep dish pizza, with loads of cheese. I was on the call to order and realized I can’t even pay for pizza…
Hmmmm :(.... well I ate 2 Parle G and slept in my office wear with MONKEY FACE :D

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