Monday, May 16, 2011

I wonder why I wonder...

How the mind strays and heart hopes!
How a little event can drift two affectionate pals’ miles away or draw strangers close!
How those four cells (called heart later) start suddenly thudding in fetus on 22nd day of pregnancy!
How some bitchy, ugly, dullard man/woman are held dear by their partners till the end!
How some people speak something and mean something else, think something and do something else, plan something and dream something else – very jubilantly!
How easily some people let the rarely found precious friends go away!
How the so very aged body feels like playing again!
How wedlock with a baby in it breaks!
How little we know about everything no matter how much we read and learn!
How mind sees only what it knows!
How we get the ideas and thoughts!
How did I become me !
How, Despite I know it is a bad cruel world, I can’t accept it and keep on wondering!
How our strong deep beliefs are changed after certain experiences!
How few things which appears so simple are impossible to explain!
How I wonder why I wonder!

Close up:
"A dog looks at you and thinks " You feed me, care for me, give me shelter. you must be god" and a cat thinks "You feed me, care for me, give me shelter, I must be god."
~Somebody on net.

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