Saturday, March 5, 2011

11 silly things I hate about being single.

-When I climb on my kitchen platform to reach the attic, no one to hand over the stuff to me.

-I can never order large pizza for me alone.

-No one to clean the fan and spider nets.

-Can not apply nail paint on my right hand.

-Not enough load in washing machine, I have to mix light and dark to reach the level.

-All the mess is created by me and without yelling at somebody else, I have to clean up.

-Never tested silent or vibrate feature in phone, it never rings.

-Shopping food for one is absolute excruciation, and force myself to eat everything before it goes off.

-No one to be afraid of telling about it, When I damage the car.

-Only one credit card to use.

-To tell a small story I have to make a STD call to my family and cite the story without any visual effect just the audio part over phone.


Close up:
"How big is the infinity ?"
"Where does the logic end ?"


  1. I specifically remember Swati asked me to post 3 comment, I dont remember all but I can recall one :-

    "She sound like her Majesty"

  2. wait wait....... i remembered second one as well:-

    "Kahan se Tapa ke chapa"

    believe me this is a compliment.

  3. Oh Boy...sounding like her Majesty was not for this post. And about flicking the content... you said its a compliment. Thank you Chiku.

  4. My version :-
    -I don’t have to climb on my kitchen platform to reach the attic, I can just throw the stuff on the floor. 
    -I can eat large pizza by myself. 
    -No need to clean the fan and spider nets. 
    -I don’t even have to buy a nail polish.
    -I don’t have to come up with complex algorithm to sync my clothing cycle with washing cycle.
    -I don’t know what mess is.
    -I don’t have to keep my phone on silent ,it even takes two complete ring cycle to recognise that the ringing stuff is my phone.
    -I don’t have to go shopping.
    -I don’t have to buy a car, bike suffice.
    -I cannot use my credit card,its been years since I defaulted and shifted my home.
    -I don’t have to describe everything in detail, short status update in fb will do for most of stuff."Hit a bike, boyfriend died,girl in hospital,in police custody now,Really hot chick!,see ya later."(15 likes,6 comment)