Friday, November 28, 2008

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Once, in circus, animals were tamed to obey our orders …and here now they train young boys to become uncontrollable wild animals as in jungle to kill small babies in luxury hotels.

In Mumbai, Violent operation is going on between the military and militants, down the same street, there is a traffic jam, auto is asking for the passenger, A lady is buying at shop, and the other routine road stuff…so casual!If this had happened in Bangalore people would have remained silent, locked in the house. And analyzed the situation intellectually.If it was Kolkata, citizens would have overtaken the army.If it was Surat, city would have definitely a shut down, but people would have gathered around on the street to crack jokes on the latest happenings. Like how it was during Plague.I do not how the Chennai and Delhi had reacted in such situation!

At the lunch group:
R: what are we doing against all these? Nothing…
S: I will do, I can be a suicide bomber call the terrorist for iftar party and finish them…..I will..
M: Ohhh…you girls stop this please, and you make the terrorist join your gym...fine?
L a u g h t e r.
We all have developed over terrorized joke to go on with a life on gunpoint and grenade.

Anything named Taj becomes monument I think….

sad sad sad day.

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