Thursday, April 2, 2009

Single and Smiling.

One who is not married is called single. What bigger benefit one could ask for than to have this ultimate freedom in our lives? :-)

The single can still enjoy the lifestyle of a married person without certain commitments. The single person has the freedom to make all his/her decisions without discussion, emailing, texting, or waiting for someone else's approval. I can be true to myself. I can remain independent and in control of my career, finances, and living arrangements, there are no manuals for behavior and bondings. I don’t have to answer to unless I want to. You can do anything when the mood hits plus the family and friends are always an option if at all change is desired. Staying single is financially wise too. No worries of work on weekends rather I cherish the thought of two whole days to myself. Singles know better, how to have good time with their own selves. Whether it's taking off for a walk in the park on afternoon, or reading the books in bed, with the second repast, on Sunday, single folk know how to enjoy every minute.

Another advantage is you become responsible, whether it's being responsible for getting the car serviced, manage the travels, the insurance policy with the bank or dealing with a angry auto driver, I am the one who has to do it. Singles reduce the domestic ill-treatment cases, child abuse cases and suicides by having some of society live the single life. Being single should be as acceptable as being married, split up or widowed.

Society does not always recognize that some people have good causes to stay single. However, some people still acknowledge, its all right, few people who choose to stay single and sane. Therefore, Instead of being miserably married stay single - stand proud and confident.

Close up:
‘Who wants to be a cynic who knows the price of everything and value of nothing?’
~ Oscar Wilde

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