Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On performance (III)

As the time runs, how nice to explore it in deepest of the depths and widest of the widths…How these many elements work together in heightening our performance.
Use the competition:
With on going preparation or Sunfeast world 10K, which is happening on May 31, the group under training is creating competition to out grow each other’s distance and timings. In the group the bests inspire me too to higher achievement. We realized that we need to run faster, stronger then we anticipated while running alone. I am sure each of us has ended up improving their personal bests.
If we wish to make it to the top like any of the ace performers, we too have to make sure we “train” with the people, who will push us hardest.
Quite similarly, in the office, let’s say there is an executive, this man was known for burning people out. He declined the position as a second in-charge, at rival’s firm at twice his present salary. He realized that if he left he would continue the same pattern of conduct. He stayed back in the same job because he knew that his current company was deeply committed to coaching him and a legion of other seniors on how to become good leaders. He approved that his instructor and peers would help him grow and change his ways.
A good company creates the circumstances in which their elite performers push one another to level they would never reach if they were working with less-accomplished colleagues. That’s what the talent development programs do, they bring headliners together for intensive training often serve pre
cisely such as purpose.
Reinvent yourself:
Hitting the 10K on treadmill was arduous for the feeble me, but the tougher part was still waiting……Do it on the ground Baby!
I needed the different accessories and completely different set of the motivation.
It’s indeed hard to reach the top. The challenge is difficult to embark on other cycle of the goals... Especially you know that you can do it and you have to do it in different settings again. Its kinnda you got to retain the benchmark, you have set it with yourself.
This thought coincides with the insatiable appetite for feedback at work. We see, All the top performance at office have a particularly strong need for the feedback & to use that feedback to reinvent their self. I read it somewhere about a Director, “Credit goes to CEO’s relentless, sometimes brutally honest critiques else I had never stayed on the current position.”
I look at this 42-year-old member of my running group and wish “let me have the enormous hunger for advice on how to develop and progress”, with just one little condition, feedbacks are constructive and nothing deterring.

That‘s it … :-)

Close up:
“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think”.
~ Unknown
(Image from the flicker)

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  1. Hey,this is cool Lady!!
    Practice as if you are the worst, perform as if you are the best.