Thursday, July 9, 2009

It happens:

These people are my neighbors in Surat. Beautiful family of four. Daughter got married long ago. Younger one is a son (say Alok). My sister’s friend (say Aarti) used to come to my house and this guy fell in love with the girl.It’s an old story though. They are Rajasthani and they have quite a strong following of the Dowry system. Aunty is kind of dominant and little difficult but nice person otherwise. She got to know about the Alok & Aarti…
And there goes the Rocking and reeling. :-) Aunty asked Alok to bring Aarti home, and she had a straight talk, ‘How much your father can afford to give for Alok? He is my only loving son.’Aarti must have looked at Alok. Alok must have been speechless. Aunty was happy. After a week, Alok took the charge and gave the stalemate, Either Aarti or nobody. Haa Haa…. Aunty had better weapons in her arsenal. Hunger strike. Alok was helpless. Since Aunty was taken to hospital, He gave up after a week. Hale Mother !!
Alok asked Aarti to get married to another man. She said NO. He pleaded saying, “unless you get married I can’t, and my mother is dying”. Ten days later, Aarti got married to the first person she found and next week Alok was engaged to another rich girl. Aunty was happy with the copious amount of Dowry….
And they lived little-little-death-each-day ever after….
Every time I see them I think “How can parents be so smart and wise to pain their child for the entire life? May be its tough for me to believe because I have not seen, there exists a father who rapes the daughter, there exists a mother who sale the new born for 2500/- cash, there exists a set of parents who gunned down the young couple in Punjab for getting married…Its Life Baby. All of us have our own share. Doing good/right costs.”

But Again, Why is Aunty’s hatred (towards Aarti’s misery) was stronger than the love (for her adored son)?
Close up:
‘If you make a mistake and get all tangled up, you just tango on.’
~ Scent of a woman.


  1. Selfish World !!! anything will happen.....

  2. Alok could have blackjacked his mom. Cowered.