Sunday, January 3, 2010


The celestial talk of ‘Makar sankarati’ provoked these thoughts …
When I was in 5th standard, in History book I had read about Samrat Ashok, his figure was there too, next to it…Well I was surely taken by him completely, and another personality swept me off was Galileo Galilee ten years later. I had read about him in science supplement of local newspaper. Then on I have read everything I could about this guy.

Father of experimental physics; he joined the university as student of medicine and philosophy; Was appointed professor of mathematics, Was interested in the motion of falling bodies, spherical geometry, nautical engineering, and astronomy. (isn’t it enough to be stumped!)

Galilee proved that Copernicus was right that earth is circle around sun, not the opposite. Then he published, Church opposed. Then the church, tell him to change it but he refused. Then he was captive in jail until he changes his mind, but turn out until he died he never change his mind. "And yet ... it moves." Allegedly said by Galileo after, and accepting the church’s claim that the Earth was unmoving.
Sick – Aged – Truehearted scientist was house arrested till death still he put forward and defend the position of human beings in the universe. Through a telescope (his invention) set in his garden behind his house, Galileo saw the Milky Way, the valleys and mountains of the moon. He had hernia, insomnia & went blind at last checking his galaxies with his telescope.

The sentiments:

- This society and its rigid rules never left the great Galileo, where do we stand Buddy?
(Go on with what is important for you.)
- Where does the strength come from to stand with what you believe in for so long?
- Not only victorious write the history but the losers too.
- At last, the perpetrator was enlightened and the entire church was blind.
- We should be polite in dealing with authorities…Vatican did not trouble Copernicus but they were badly after Galileo. (Was that his ego? Remembering that Galileo also argued that science can know everything, Church will never accept this Man…)
- Why did destiny take the eyesight away from the old man after all that? When enough is enough?

I admire what Galileo was and I am inspired, how he did what he wanted to. Truly mindful.

Close up:
“Because reason is not sufficient to understand the universe.”


  1. I share your admiration for the genius...The world rarely sees it when they are around ;instead prefer to do it posthumously..way of the world i are given the credit when you have gone far beyond...

  2. The Sentiments section is very good, specially the second one. Very few people are truly appreciated for their excellent work during their lifetime and Galileo was not one of them for sure.