Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Success

Now since my another birth date is approaching I asked myself again if it was worth spending these many years in here, what did I achieve?
The obvious answer was – NO – Looser – Failure. Big Time. Because I failed (royally) in two extremely important things, Which I always wanted and drudged for all these years.
Ok, I accept it whatever the results are. Moreover, thought I must confirm if I am a loser, I looked up the dictionary.
Failure (n.) – an act or instance of failing or proving unsuccessful; lack of success“lack of success ?!?!” I must see what is the success then…
Success (n.) – the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors. Meaning once you are executed all your attempts or endeavors, you are a success.

Why can’t the Success be Success …
1. Because you are able to remain positive in a world that’s full of negativity and despair.
2. Because you spread love into the world.
3. Because you are constantly willing to discover, develop, and dilate.
4. Because you are compromising. You understand that if one thing doesn’t work out, you can try something else.
6. Because you live in a world where everyone tells you that you “can’t,” yet you try anyway.
7. Because you think it is.

Close up:
“Smile, breath, and go slowly.”
- Thich Nhat Hanh


  1. Success and Failure are relative, it depends on how you define your life.
    Look back and count all the things you have achieved / felt good about / helped others /
    felt contended ... these will help you decide what your life turned out to be finally.
    Namely Success!
    Yes, we all call others and sometimes oursleves failures / loosers and what not.We use those words to undervalue someone or demean them, intentionally mostly.
    I went off point, but let's not be so critical.Life is a collection of so many aspects , some which give us success and happiness, others not so.
    At the end , it was'nt we who decided to come on Earth and live, it was someone else.How we shaped our life , yes that's what we have decided so far (more or less).And how its going to go ahead from now on is in our control...

  2. why do u think ur failure.
    U have done most of the things to perfection.
    Here is my way of mesuring sucess or failure...
    Put 10 diff people thru ur course of life and see wht diff or better they did...
    u can conculde the answer by urself...
    Each phase of life u would have more 1 person going thru same exact phase... edu,job,gym etc.....
    I think ur overrall a grand sucess!!!!!