Friday, December 31, 2010

A Decade ago & Looking forward.

When I look back in ten long years gone by… What I know now which I did not know then?
Of course age makes feel good inside and bad outside but apart from that ….how was the show in the matter of Education, Employment, Finance, family, friends, health, travel, spirituality, wisdom, knowledge and rest of the other victories and disasters? What did I learn and what is it that I am still trying to understand as a person?

Hard work and diligence counts, a decade ago I thought I would never be able to join college even but having my PG degree proves that no matter when but some day all the toil we do pays back.
A wish to be independent came true either…A decade ago, I had stared at expensive perfume and sighed ‘wish I can buy this for me’… now I can enjoy that pricy perfume. I pay for all my necessity and can save for my uncertain future :) I thank all of those who supported me in doing this. Yet there is lots to do though.
My lonely years in faraway land made me realize the value of my family. Honestly, it feels like heaven when I have my parents and siblings around. It’s extremely delighting to have two little nieces who twaddle in my ears. I pray that I will always have them by my side.

I also earned 3 new friends in the decade passed, hopefully they will be there till the end. Interestingly I am more thankful to those who came in the form of friend and turned out to be something else… I was deceived, I was misunderstood and cheated. Now I know, you never know whom to trust before you are betrayed. Now I know that we have to take the calculative risk and let things go sometimes. Now I know that it hurts but nothing lasts really. Now I know that there is destiny and there is time. In such cases nothing can be done except being careful. Now I konw that few lessons are expensive but stumble prevents the fall.

I weigh less than a decade ago and run better too. To my surprise, I turn out to be a role model in the area of health and fitness for my age. I think I did ok there by God’s grace.
Well, Bravo to me !! …I have developed the skills of silently counting down the minutes of each day is the most estimable achievement, which I had thought I will never learn a decade ago.

Now the rest of the areas where I performed not so good :( I travelled to 10 new cities in India and 5 new cities abroad. This should have been double. I am actually not so ameliorated in spiritually as well, Though I am trying. I am relatively wiser than a decade ago but still not up to the mark as per my own standards. I can make better choices for sure but lots to be done to prove myself as knowledgeable… Actually it’s in ‘Work-in-progress’ status where I have just figured what I can have for myself and how.

I must thank last decade for giving me the staying powers, affability, and adaptability.
Hope I can work on detachment, cognition and spirituality in coming new decade.

Close up:
“even a brick wants to be something”
~Louies Khan


  1. Hey Swati,

    Good Article, One should get wisdom with all good\bad experiences every minute, every day, every month and every year....I am sure you must have learned many things in last 10 years and you will learn many more things in next 10 years...good luck for many more good experiences and good luck to learn from bad experiences :).

    "Close up" is very meaningful once again :)

  2. Thanks for reading and responding Anonymous.