Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Journey to the land of Kerala

It was my first visit to Kerala in my life during 28th April till 1st May this year. I felt there that I should make some note about it. However, I agree and accept Malayalies are nice, intelligent and genial community. We should never generalize anything but unfortunately, some of my experience had made me believe two things,

– First many of them are different and
- Second they are REALLY very different.

It goes back in my PG days…I studied in a college filled with Bengalis and Malayalies and me being from Gujarat, Some of them treated me not very well. They thought I am rich mean insensitive person and they have all the rights to take on capitalists.
Hostel days became tiff between communism and capitalism. Confused over their attitude with me, I also went and explored basic ideology of communism to understand why was it that way.

Regardless of my past, here are some of the observations that make Malayalies special to me –

- Sound and tone of their language, It’s unique.
- Their communist approach towards capitalists.
- They offer warm water in hotel and restaurants – without asking.
- The way they wink their both the eyes while greetings.
- They use coconut oil in hair and don’t shampoo.
- In kerla – 8 out of 10 men have same hair (goes upwards) and Mush (goes downwards). Incase if they lose their hair they balance out the black part with grown beard. Was it because Karl Marx had beard ? :-D
- 8 out of 10 woman wear little dangling earrings, black bindi and black dupatta.
- Many of them take bath in the night.
- They are the only type of south Indians who don’t eat – curd rice (or rarely may be).
- 8 out of 10 cars are Maruti Auto in kerala.
- 8 out of 10 desi indian porn is about ‘Hot Malayali aunty’ on the web.
- All of their Gods have relocated in Gulf and all the foreign tourists are “Welcome to gods own contrary Kerala”.
- It’s a sin to expect KFC or Mecdy in Kerala. Oh ! forget about it, almost zero eateries in a place like Wayanad.
- They have beautiful woodwork in their houses.
- It’s a clean state. Politically also.
- How one Malayali greets another Malayali
  Malyali 1 “Sugmano ?”
  Malyali 2 “Sugmano.”
  Malyali 1 “Evde ?”
  Malyali 2 “Kottayam”
  Malyali 2 “Evde ?”
- Some part in Kerala woman don’t use their sari to cover them fully, they just wear checked loongi and blouse. (like no other part in India)
- Very hardworking (only outside Kerala) and shrewd.
- No other state in India eat meat like them. They might offer rice and roti made out of meat.
- Open minded Malayalies marry Bengalis.
- Schizophrenia, depression, bipolar mood disorder and are some of the mental disorders found prevalent in Kerala society. One out every 100 persons suffers from schizophrenia.
- Kerala is the only south Indian state to practice Matriarchy. (it’s because of Nairs think)

Kerala is a country within a county. 
I apologies if I hurt anybody’s sentiments but these are merely my personal experiences and observations. 
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  1. Loved reading your post. Kerala is in my list your so long and I haven't been able to visit there. Loved it.