Tuesday, September 9, 2008

And here I go again.

It was all fine and why am in groove?
I am feeling different, same boring routine life. Few old friends departed and a new bunch of young friends now. Weekends are with riding or swimming, Chatting with mother and some movies or books. Some music and little runs, Long days at work and cold nights. Everything seems uninteresting including shopping and outings too…. Umpteen numbers of seasons changed unremarkably, Monsoon goes and winter comes again, time remains still, speechless. May be every year, my birthday today makes me feel like this. Another year passed and a sense of futility….God knows!!!

I look up in the sky and wish what if something really striking happens which changes everything forever.Shall I go back to my native? Shall I go abroad and earn some more money? I did everything I wanted to and in my control….but yet there are many years to life and I feel I am running out of dreams. What do I do, which overwhelms me? This world wants to be deceived. I want to shed my skin. Abstract nature of my being.This shall pass too. Everything will be fine and I will be back in charge again….That is the law of the nature and it has to be. At least something changes…Diwali time, festive season, some days at home with my beloved niece, and the appraisal time at work. Everything is gonna be just alright. I will make it happen.

I paid for my new car today......... :-D All my own money...I am sooo much happy. My mother is with me, First time in 9 yrs I am not alone on my B'day...again I am happy. As I say, Happiness is a choice.

Close-up:“Behind me the bridges have crumbled, No question of return,No where to go but the horizon, Where then will I call my home?”

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