Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A visit to an old age home.

It’s not much far from my residence and, Last Saturday we dropped in at this place. A serene location and the not an impressive building. The first impressive thing I found there is the founder trusty….Wow she was very accommodative. She spoke in fluent Hindi with my mother. She thanked me for my being there and accepted all my little offerings gratefully.
Then she walked me through the statistics: Total senior citizens: 93, sponsored: 65- non sponsored: 28, Staff (Medically trained): 32 (23- female & 9-males), there was one chief nurse. Staff is paid average 2000/- per month. If you wanna sponsor a uncle or aunty for one month it costs 3000/-. Once in 45 days all the old uncles and aunties are taken out to visit the city. Every month they celebrate B’days of 6 uncles/aunties.

Then….the chief nurse took us to the rooms …well maintained, big, lighted and clean. First Uncle whom I met was 103 yrs old and his children dropped him here when he did not die at the end of 99th years….Idiots :( he was continuously speaking ‘Narayan-Narayan’. My mischievous mind thought he must be having lot of stories ….well and another aunty she was fat and fair, as soon as she show the nurse, she swiftly got up from the chair and childishly veiled her to come near…and she opened the cupboard. We were surprised what is she up to?? Ohh…That Aunty wanted to give some eatable to her favorite care taker. We all laughed and said Hi to another Lady…Oh my god!!! She is so beautiful. Age old stunner in stiff white spotless sari. What a brutality to leave such charming mother at home?? All alone? She was from Chennai and she smiled at my mother…and they were talking in minute. I was observing her room. She had all the fancy amenities on her own apart from some one to talk to. She asked my mother, “Are you coming to home?” my mother said NO. Confidently. May be She thought if that so my mother can be her company. Another old woman was very old, weak and completely bed ridden. She was a sponsored resident and her son used to come to see her daily….and the list goes on.

I departed after 2 hours… I think all the children who don’t take care of parents should be punished by govt.

I think they all would have felt good. I think I am also feeling good :-) I think I will go there again…

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