Monday, January 5, 2009

When did they die?

11th August 1908. Khudiram was taken out of the prison cell.
“Last wish?”
Khudiram said, “Vand-e-matram”. With the Bhagavad-Gita in his hands and a cramping rope on the neck…Later, he was listed among martyrs forever. His date of birth 3 Dec 1889…he was 19 years when hung.
23rd march 1931, Bhagat Singh was 24 yrs old when executed.
In June 1858 a lady had sacrificed her life against English commander Sir Hueogh, Queen of Zansi ‘Rani Lakshmibai’…age at death, 22 years and 7 months.
And fire brand Mangal Pandy burnt the British realm in his twenties.
I lost my dear close friend when he was 31. He was a medal holder from REC (NIT).
How many years are enough to this life?
There are renowned names drowned in the ocean of the unknown after few coruscate years. Now people live longer 70, 75, 80 years…but achievement has no retardations, they had infinite life on work board than on the earth board. The great Shankaracharya died at 33, Jesus Christ was crucified at 33 too. The respectable Tamil poet Bhathiyar died at the age of 35 while offering a coconut to an elephant. Swami Vivekananda attained the highest superlatives achieved by any man at just 39 and wrapped his aliveness. The honorable Subhash Chandra Bose who died in the plane crash at Taipei, had experienced 48 years on this land. Pundit Jawaharlal, Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel expired at 75, 79 and 75 respectively …
Now in awe… what is the age to live it up and when to die it out?

Close up:
“When I get old, I’d rather regret the things I did, than regret the things I didn’t do.”

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