Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Redefine - Research - Rebuild – 2009

On the eve of another new year…
Everything is good, beautiful, and clear. There are no worries, problems, or fears. People are good (From distance), Situations are supportive (if in my control) and thoughts (if chosen) are gracious. Whether I believe it or not only positive, happier and nicer things are awaiting in the coming year, indeed.

I am responsible for all my happiness and sorrow.
I will not allow anybody to show his or her madness at my life. If not external but inner world of my being is in my control. I will try to be at utmost peace and integrity at any give time.
I will gladly tolerate the fools (In my opinion) and will not criticize them or get irked.
I will laugh more often, crack funnier-cleverer jokes and will not look worried.
I already know I am way too mature and wise than last year :-D and look good too.
I will think between thoughts, read between lines and feel between feelings.

I will work smarter.
I will find three things that I can do to make myself irreplaceable.
I will find ways to get along better with my boss and colleagues.
I will evaluate my personal contribution to this organization.
I will develop four goals to help me grow and develop as a more achievement-oriented employee.
I will try to improve my relationship with at least one person with whom I do not get along.
I will join at least one company-wide task force or committee.

Entertainment, adventure, and travel:
Read at least 5 books and watch 10 movies.
I will complete 4 drawings. If time allows get the professional help with drawing to improve upon.
Visit the Archery academy to spend a day.
I will spend 2 days with paragliding and parasailing.
First half of the year -Kerala and Second, half of 2009 I want to go to Italy.
Once a week I will meet my friends.

I will show open – loud – clear to my family that I love them most on the earth on each opportunity.
I will drive responsibly. :)
Go to old age home twice this year.
I will plant at least 6 trees.

I will save the 65% of my earnings.
I will not do any emotional shopping and clear all the clutter from cupboards.
Shop in April and October (In prescribed limits).

Health & Fitness:
I will be running 10 Km at this year-end & should be able to do 3 sets of 30 reps of strength training.
I will take 10 days breaks after every 2 months and will not over do anything.
I will develop the stamina to swim the full length at the pool.
I will continue the yoga class and the mediation as it is going great now.
Maintain this weight and periodically clean my body (and heart and mind) from toxins if any.

Most importantly…I will allow myself to break all the rules, to be lazy, to be untidy and unintelligent sometimes :-)


  1. Hey, good post. I have taken the printout for myself :)

  2. Very nice & intresting ... :)