Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mumbai attacks -II

You know what? I hate to think this….
We great Indians, nothing can shake us. We will ignore these 200-500 citizens killing attacks every month. We will catch up again; we don’t mind these bouts of terrors because we believe in peace. We are so courageous and we are not affected by your brutal act, we keep smiling after loosing hundreds of innocent citizens every month …we are ‘Incredible India’ you see.
Because we are 1 billion in number you know…hey, dear Mr. Slayer …you can ofcourse kill some of us … we will again double in number, How nice we are….and one last thing look at the heights of our tolerance, we don’t over react like America and UK. I am really not bloody interested in sending any messages to terrorists...saying, see I am still alive or lighting the candles. That 2-year-old Israeli child doesn’t go out of my mind…When I see people standing with a board indicating “I am alive”… That is selfish…Add this to slogan, “You can try killing me next time…if not me you can surely manage to kill few others at least. Moreover, the mighty impervious Indian spirit goes on with innocent dead bodies on its shoulder”… What an amazing crap…
Its not about gun, bullets, militants, death tolls, it’s about self-respect. I don’t spare my dignity for morons to play with. How can anybody can barge into my house and just kill my people at their will?

I am neither interested in achieving any bravery medals, actually none of us, nor showing off my opulence to attract any belligerents. I just want to roar aloud and clear, No one dare to get into my house without my permission for whatever reason. Ever.

You know what?
All my anger will settle in with time…and some more terror attack and we will get depressed. Then some more attacks and we will get numb…and then we are nowhere to be attacked.

Life goes on Baby.
(Dear God! make me wrong please)

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  1. Hey Swati...

    A hard hitting blog, well crafted to stir the emotions of common man. Still I'm not able to figure it out, that how the Government of India is going to deal with so called "Non state actors" of Pakistan. I mean we can't have heads on assault on Pakistan, because Pakistan is looking for an excuse to remove their odd one lakh troops from its western border to the eastern side bordering India.
    India doesn't have the extradition treaty in place with Pakistan, which complicates the matter of extradition of Dawood and his aides to India.
    Well, the political system and democracy has to take its own course of action. We-the ordinary citizens of our Great motherland India can do our bit by remaining vigilant and alert and report suspicious activities in our neighborhood to the authorities concerned.
    Well, Swati lets get our act together and make sure that next time those "fanatics" are dealt with iron hand...

    Jai Hind