Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tips to get married - 100% guaranteed (Ofcourse for girls)

It's a wedding season...Girls don't delay.
-Do not be taller then 5’ 3” (if you are not planning for a Nigerian guy)
-Do not speak about what exactly you like, what exactly you think.
Say you like music and cooking. That’s it.
Think what you are asked to.
-Caveat: Don’t speak you like little deltoids on your shoulder when you wear sleeveless. Guys like Hema Malini and not Shilpa Shettyhee hee
-Listen to the guy carefully and match your opinion on anything or everything.
-A big NO-NO to swimming, it turns skin dark. Guys generally don’t go for the dark girl.
-If at all you are reading, Read Mills & Boons or Sidney Sheldon. You might prove your self boring & ridiculous if you say you read ‘Bhagavad-Gita’ or ‘Ghalib’.
- Pretend you can’t find the roads, and can’t handle electronics gadgets.
Guys like it if you ask them the map and how to use the handy cam.
-Never ever, reject the person in wildest of your dreams especially when he has said ‘yes’, with or without understanding you.
-Weigh more then 60 Kg. Irrespective of your height.
-Prepare for your favorite hero - heroine than your favorite car :-)... (He might not afford it.)
-Follow the latest fashion trends…whether you are akin or not. Nowadays many boys like fashionable girls more then the normal ones…
-Keep mum and just smile when all are talking, cracking jokes around you, quite girls are more likable.
-Despite of the person’s inability to understand your personality and your need (Just to assert your self-respect) to be productive and earning, Say that you are a family oriented person and would sacrifice ANYTHING to meet his family’s demand to serve them.
-As for a girl, she can agree with a person for marriage if,
1) He belongs to same cast and most importantly sub-cast.
2) He is not jobless.
3) He is not handicap.
4) And if HE HAS NO objection….girls are good to go….
Don’t bother where you know the person or thought about the up coming reality of live-in life together, Ditch the genuine decent feeling of “wanna get married to him”!
-Shut up and get out of the marriage game once you have crossed the age 30 for whatsoever reason.

Be Practical yar!


  1. hey, nice observation of our árranged marriage system. I agree with you. The "wife" is not supposed to have a personality. And in case she has, everybody tells her to get rid of it and "ADJUST".


  2. Totally agree with you and Anju, no matter how talented and smart you are the guy and his family want a girl who has no demands and who thinks that her life is after all not hers....

  3. I Disagree with Rashmi... it totally depends on family to family & if guy can manage things between parents and wife, believe me I am sure things wont be this way...
    Understand all personalities are not same..