Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wonderments of 2008.

This year has been a year of amazements, Where the world looked at me with surprise and I looked back with bigger surprise. Every amazement left me with a question…Questions of the Answers.

Is there any other side of the sky?
What exactly is being ‘practical’?
Is being ‘practical’ and ‘hypocrite’ are same?
Where do the dreams come from? Can we control the source and size of the dreams? If yes, How?
How to understand, why don’t we understand sometimes?
Why people use different measures for themselves and for others?
Does the long arc of moral universe, always bends towards justice?
Was there any truth and untruth before the earth came into existence?
Why do we educate our children? To think Clear & To see the Right? Or To flaunt the lofty degrees And earn big bucks?

Some trivial queries too:

If not tied…How can we prevent string from entangling?
What is the difference between technique and style?

Close up:
Tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth.

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