Friday, February 13, 2009

Mullah Nasrudin is called again…

Few wise citizenries decide to call upon Mullah Nasrudin for a speech. This time Mullah was not in a mood to deliver any lecture...after much of the begging persistently and desperately, Nasrudin agreed reluctantly.

There was a group of literates already waiting for Nasrudin insightful didactics. Holding his chin up, looking at the assembly, he asked, “You guys have any idea, what am I going to talk about?” Crowed nodded with amazement… “NO”. Mullah smirked, and walked down the stage, “What is the point in wasting my time; you guys don’t have any guess on my speech?”

In the second grim trial Mullah was again invited for the lecture. On the venue, compelled Mullah asked the forum, “So, Now You guys have an idea, what am I going to talk about?” Everybody in the group nodded saying, “YES”…Nasrudin said, “Aahaa… How nice, since all of you already know what I am going to talk about, I better be going home then.” :-)

It was a third call and Mullah decided to go there anyway. On arrival he glanced at perplexed crowed, and he asked them from the stage, “Well, Gentlemen…Do you have any idea on the lecture I am going to deliver today?” Few heads shook saying “YES” and few people said “NO”.

Mullah Nasrudin smiled and said, “Wonderful, Those who know what I am going to talk, Please tell it to the other group who don’t know what I am going to talk today !” Walking down with his donkey. :-)

Close up:
“Na Dainyam, Na Palanayam”.
(No self-pity, No escapism, OR I shall neither fear nor escape.)
“Buddhi yoga Dadami Tvam”
(Use your head; I have given you the wits)
- Lord Krishna to Arjun in Bhagvad Gita.

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