Thursday, February 19, 2009

Relinquishing the moments.

The period of time that is happening now is an interesting phase in life so far; It is patchworks of scattered feelings; Versatility in the Feelings of voids, Analyzing nothing, Thinking nothing and Not writing even, Planning nothing, Dreaming nothing, neither I am reading anything nor studying. No drawings & No travels too… No opinions, No judgments, No worries, No prayers…. A Whole Lot Of Nothing. It is neither bad, nor good.

I remember where I have to reach in this year…Change in the project has given me this ample time to enjoy the grand nothingness may be. 
I sprinkle the rays of light on my days and grow the moon in the night. Surroundings smell like ‘Nyctanthes’ flowers (-Tree of sorrow-). Evenings I seat with the wind and a hot cup of tea to observe the pattern in the branches, leaves and clouds. Calls are made to Vrishti alone. Her unclear words sway something inside below my neck…I go for long runs and assure my heart; yoga assures my body and meditations assures my breathings. I have started cooking delightfully to assure my senses. My mind assured all my assurances…everything is all right. :-)
In the nutshell, we should stop operating the weather on the mind sometimes, what is the point in controlling everything always? Or on the other hand, is this called waiting for the spring again?

I listen to the difference, I discover the detachment….Seems, I am in an extended transition time these days, for sure, which means there are lots of choices to be made, and I have no clue where it will all lead. Yes, I am enjoying this too. We must know being our self could mean any number of things & rather just Be.

Close up:
‘Reality is frequently inaccurate.’
- Douglas Adams

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  1. Nothingness is a state of being of no value, & I want to be in that phase while meditating or relaxing, sleeping.... Mentally & physically its good. As humans we all face the passing of nothingness in our daily life activities. we cant do anything when it surrounds us apart from being arrested at that moment. So keeping busy with future plans can keep us away..:)
    hey i have some more things to say...

    Redefine - Research - Rebuild – 2009.
    Faster Higher Stronger.
    A visit to an old age home.
    these 3 topics boosted my confidence, stretched my ability of doing things, came to know what other things still i can do...too reduced 5.3 Kgs in a duration of 30 days but my aim was -10 kg. So I was bonded very much with these articles at the same time. "Proper words in proper places make the true definition of a style..." obsessed!! thanks as i gained exuberant energy..
    But not all topics were such a inspirational, I have many flaws seen in another couple of topics...I will never accept everything written, unless they are practically reachable.

    The most controversial part "The Love Season" topic, and obviously i was curious to know your adventures on it as LOVE topics are my favourite. But what i got? the very unclear, semitransparent logic about LOVE. Instead of feeling the thunders, Power of LOVE, you analysed & wrote it as just another subject! Are you romantic enough? And the most taradiddle statement was 'I am always in love, love is like time for me and the person is like season, they come and go but I am always happy'.. Do you understand the difference between Love and Likeness? Love is made between 2 hearts...Nescience about Love? "Business favoured" Love... Self-Love comes only when there is a guilt inside us, how about this?
    Are you trying to be a reserved & too good person? because it reflects in your blog...some topics are foundling, soporific, emotionless. What excites you to put daily passing things in a Blog??

    I know its worth sharing some feelings as i have inculcated something from few articles. You have all rights to accept or reject the comments, but hv put what i felt...

    Bring out the best in you...all the best