Monday, November 12, 2012

Unclean mass of randomness: I and you.

There are times when we think we knew…or we don’t. Logic and faith both fails at the same time. Ego and wisdom confuse me together. How to learn to separate them?
The issue I am struggling with is - Is it possible to remove the difference between I and you? This is one of the time where I am thrown into situation which created this stir…so, I should be there where I don’t have this bustle.

Its me. All me.
I told some where ‘to understand and to resolve’ but its not easy…Where do we start from inside or outside? I am my own ally and my own enemy. I run away from myself and come to me again.

Do we all go through this struggle, A drive to reach some place where there is no fuss with self and others. A state of final settlement?
If I am not wrong is this the same feeling or different ….which takes us to dip into deepest oceans and win over highest mountains, which makes us measure the distance of galaxies and look for another universe? We struggle to prove over limitlessness. Is this a same conflict when a youth rebel against the society or a saint attains nirvana. We don’t accept any chains and boundaries. Whether its with mundane rules of routine life or death itself. I don’t know. But Will I ever know? It scares me.

Is there anybody else inside me? Where am I? I need me to find myself.
Will I ever be able cover the space between me and you? Its that gap which is the reason of all the flurry.
Well, I have chosen to take this up with the hope that I need to try. A humble attempt and a hope.

Still, how?
Sometimes questions are the answers. 

Close up :
"Sa vidya ya vimuktaye."
knowledge is that which liberates.


  1. One of the cryptic one Mam.
    If I am right, the point is being spiritual.
    Thats where one-to-one differences are dissolved.

  2. Modern human is a collection of I's, a crowd if you will. A crowd can at best pass only pass through transient moment of truth. But because it is a crowd, that truth will soon dissipate. Therefore, one must try to identify the crowd within.

  3. Thank you so much for your reflections Anonymous :)