Friday, September 14, 2012

A post on my blog.

As I said earlier that I have got time…Time that I dreamt of, Time that I fancied about once.
Well, giving a makeover to my blog is one of the much-awaited tasks I did. With that, another job I thought of was how I could popularize my blog.

My research said :
I should be listed in the blog directory. (Which I did)
I should write short posts.
I should write frequently. (Which I will try)

DH said :
I should stick to specific content I offer to my readers.
I should have target audience.
(Valuable suggestions.)

Some of the celebrated bloggers on lists said :
Write something silly in howling language.
Have a post on topics, understood by masses. Say something on day to day life - Rahul Gandhi as PM or dowry deaths.
Write about arranged marriage and love marriage in every post or cry over broken heart in public.
Write a few bootless posts on vulgar topics if you run out of above.

Plenty of places to draw inspiration from but originally this place is to reflect, to share, to understand.
To share my ruminations, to determine the links between events around me that at first appeared confusing, to evaluate, to analyze messages; this makes it possible to share thoughtful and relevant opinions giving rise to my own satisfaction of understanding my world.
To share something substantive and perceptive as I keenly discriminate my judgments about  life, universe and everything else which matters at a higher level.
My blog maintains equilibrium between my silence, my words, people and issues around me.
It is my resubmission to life whether I am getting it right.

Close up :
“Better to ask for forgiveness than permission.”
~Some movie.

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