Thursday, August 30, 2012

Not about MIL (for a change).

Me – “I remember this entry to the temple, when we were young. Crowd was much less. No queue and security of course.”
Father – “yes. The reason for this mad rush is population, people’s capability to travel and spend, or is it increased turbulent in human life which brings unnumberable people at the doorstep of divine?”

Me – “what is the first stanza of this … shloka ?”
Father – “… (After he completed) Look at us; we still use all the shlokas and stotras formed thousands of years ago. We have not come up anything new in many centuries. Are we called learned people?”

Father – "(looking at temple wall painting) In history Brahmin has mostly been portrayed as opponent which is true to some extent and not very pleasant.”

Me - "See those gorgeous pines, they are magnificent ! "
Father -"They are indeed...(Long gaze) How many years it would have taken this tree to grow this high and people would cut it in few minutes. "

Close up :
"There is no cry of pain without,
at its end,
an echo of joy."

~Spanish realist poet and philosopher, Ramon de Campoamor" 

P.S. - MIL is mother in law.

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