Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Feed my clothes.

One day the Mullah Nasrudin went to a rich merchant's house for a feast. As he was wearing a laborer's clothe he was shown to the servant's entrance and given a few scraps.
Next week he was invited to the same place and he dressed in his best attire looking as good as any prince. He was welcomed at the front door and given the place of the honor next to the host. He ate a morsel of bread and then started putting all the rich food offered to him into his sleeves.
His host asked him, "What are doing my good man?" "I'm feeding my clothes," the Mullah replied, "It deserves the good food since my worth was established last week."

Close up:
‘I have to do for what I feel in my heart to be right - for I'll be criticized anyway.
I'll be damned if I do, and damned if I don't. Who cares…!’
~ Unknown

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  1. Yes, its obvious that people find ecstasy on the things what we have instead of resurging the Beautifull mind & character....But its in us to see a thing bad or good :)