Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Have you fought for …

I met a girl on Sunday, She told me 'I want to be like you'...I was amused and astonished. I was still staring at her, & my close friend took the charge to elaborate me to her. After that girl departed, my friend told me her scrambling living..., which made me think the STRUGGLE.

I feel, little less lucky are those, who do not have to fight for anything (one thing at least) in life.

There are people who go through the unconvincing hardship, unequaled difficulties in life. Beyond the imagination of a common man, who peacefully goes to school, then college, then office, then after a wife/husband, then after money and at last dies off in dust. But some people are chosen by life, to reveal the numerous obscure lessons by injecting the stimulating struggles. Isn’t it surprising for the way some lives are tempered to understand the countless matters. As I say, “We must get understanding from all our gettings.”

Think of the child character in movie ‘Slumdog millionaire’, the inspector asked him “No damn Doctor, engineer or any intellectual have gone beyond 15 questions, How come a slum dog is winning millions?” & then the shuddery journey starts into child’s past that has made him prevail the entire so-called sophisticated social rational.

We have to understand the whole of the story (Life) not just little ‘Goody-Goody-Spotless-Fancy-Part’, which says life is a bed of roses. We should Read, look at the Skies, Sing, and Dance, Write poems and Suffer, Get lost, Cry, Loose hope and Get depressed too for all that is life. The marks on the skin should say how we have lived. Lets not forget, lower you fall higher you fly. (If you remember all the lessons given by life, like Jamal Malik.)

Close up:
‘A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same’
~ Unknown.

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