Thursday, March 5, 2009

My first Car Crash.

Why did I leave early from work? Now I know …To dent my beloved car…
It was an untouched beauty until today 4.30 PM and whizzed along first 7 Km. The traffic light made me stop and I was as usual sitting preoccupied & quiet. On the spur of the moment it was aloud blow “Baaaaaaangggggg!!!!” No tickets and no dashes… Voila…perfectly clean driving record breaks.

Naturally, I'm sOooO happy it wasn't my fault. :-) That Idiot Autofella bumped into my car’s trunk. I was pushed ahead on my seat with the solid hit and immediately jumped out to see the damage. Luckly the Policeman at the traffic signal saw all the action and rushed on the spot. The real drama starts now, I was pulling my vehicle over, after the Auto guy, since the policeman asked us to, But hey! This Auto man swiftly fleeted, the policeman got into the car and asked me to follow the Auto, It was like a movie scene. The most funny part is few of the by watchers followed us too :-). Chase included First Auto man, then me with a policeman in my car then some 3-4 two wheelers into interior roads for about 5 to 7 mins. Unknown of this trail Auto man was caught asking for the passenger on the nook of the street, The policeman furiously leapt out to beat that Auto fella black and blue. The crowed had already been coming after from the accident venue.

We all are taken to traffic police station. I was angry. Very angry. The Auto guy was pleading me, literally holding my feet, to not to file a case. To add the beauty in the entire episode, my sandal broke off, due to that either I was limping or holding the sandals in my hands. I called up my brother, the car Insurance and the vehicle showroom to know the procedure and to get the more information on how to handle this in best my benefits. Police assured me to provide all the papers to claim the insurance. I am surprised, though I am not interested in FIR; why police did not give me the acknowledgement then and there? BRIBE??? :-( Whatever, I will Follow up the litigates and get the things done. Auto man was there until I left the police station. May be he would have been let off after some warnings.

Lesson learnt:
- When you are hit at back only the opposite person at fault, So Chill.
- To deal in the situation when I am alone, not at fault, with traffic police, with Auto man and the vehicle insurance stuff too.
- Now that is called the adventure and fun ‘The chasing part & next day the story telling part’.
- Still I think I am not a professional driver, unless I become the opposite party (God forbids) :-)

Close up:
"What ‘state’ do you live in?"
- Miss Wormwood & Calvin


  1. I guess you must be thrilled by car chasing part.

  2. Well in spite of all these, u failed to notice most important point, there are lots of help if there is a girl in driving seat if u had been a guy you would probably bribing policeman to let you go.